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Offroad Power Products - 2018 Maverick X3


The Can Am Maverick X3 is one of the most capable side by sides to come off a showroom floor. We quickly realized what all the hype was about after getting our hands on one. The amount of wheel travel and power these machines are putting out stock is impressive, but it didn’t take long before our X3 went under the knife.  With a 1500 mile BDR adventure looming and thoughts towards racing in the Yellowstone Off Road Racing series, we sent the X3 to Fabwerx in Southern California who installed a new cage, trailing arms, upper and lower A-arms and front bumper. Once that was complete and we had the X3 back in our shop, we got to work.

Treal performance and Agency Power parts are now moving a lot more air through the 900cc engine. With race tuning the 3 cylinder engine is now capable of 300hp! That power then heads downstream to RCV axles that have proven to be unbreakable even with the huge angles that the long travel suspension puts them through. Method wheels and Tensor 35-inch tires put the power to the ground and look as good as they perform. If you’ve ever been in 2nd to last place on a dusty trail, you understand that an S&B Helmet Particle Separator and Rugged Radios helmets with built in coms make shredding this X3 even more enjoyable. Fresh air, fresh music and the ability to talk to your co-driver or other vehicles makes for a stress free ride. No more brown lung and dry, bloodshot eyes to deal with. For safety and visibility, we outfitted the X3 with some Baja Designs lights which are all tied into the Switch-Pros 8-Switch Panel Power System. Just to show off, the starter has been wired through the panel so that the vehicle can be started by your phone. The rear facing light includes a brake light, blue safety marker, flashing and solid amber lights, and a white light. The different colors of light allow the vehicle to be seen in extreme dusty situations and lets other drivers know if you’re slowing down so they don’t rear end you. We also threw in a Warn winch paired with some Factor 55 and Bubba Rope parts for recovery purposes because we know it’s going to get used and abused.  See below for a complete list of parts that went into this build and follow along on social media for updates…