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Aquamira Frontier Flow Red Line Filter Water Bottle

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Get outdoors and explore with the Frontier Flow GRN Line Filter Bottle. The Frontier Flow is certified to EPA standards to remove bacteria, and parasites and NSF/ANSI-372 for lead free content. It also reduces chemicals, and chlorine while improving taste and odor. Take a Frontier Flow on your next outing and turn any natural water source into clean, clear, fresh tasting drinking water.

The Frontier Flow GRN Line Filter Bottle keeps you safe from waterborne illness on the trail. Easily refill from any river, stream, lake, or pond and carry up to 22 oz. with you as you enjoy the wilderness. The Frontier Flow includes a convenient finger ring for easy filling and carrying. The bite valve says clean thanks to the rigid dust cap. Squeeze the bottle to assist the flow of water through the filter.

This Frontier Flow comes with a Series II GRN Line Filter and is certified to EPA standards for the removal of bacteria, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia, NSF/ANSI-372 for lead free content and also reduces chlorine, and chemicals, while improving taste and odor.

Technical Information

The Frontier Flow Filtered Water Bottle is designed to be easy to use, lightweight, compact, and reliable. The patented Bite-Me valve provides high flow, a positive leak free shut-off, and is protected from contamination by a rugged cover. The Series II, GRN Line filter is easy to replace and is certified by IAPMO to remove >99.9999% of Bacteria and 99.9% of cysts. (US EPA standard) for 100 gallons.

The Frontier Flow Filtered Water Bottle is Certified lead free (NSF/ANSI-372) and is BPA free, iodine free, and chemical free.

Use best water source available, quality of the source water may vary, use only Aquamira GRN Line or RED Line Series II filters. We recommend pre-treating water with Aquamira® Water Treatment Drops (#67202) if viral quality of source water is uncertain.

Features and Benefits

  • GRN Line Bacteria Filter with up to 800 ml/minute flow rate
  • Certified filtration for 100 gallons (over 375 L)
  • Accepts any Series II replacement filter
  • 22 oz. (663 mL) bottle
  • Protective cap helps keep the patented Bite Me™ valve clean
  • Miraguard™ Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media
  • Certified lead free (NSF/ANSI-372)
  • BPA free, chemical free, and iodine free
  • Filter made in the USA

Aquamira Frontier Flow Red Line Filter Water Bottle is not vehicle specific.