Off Road Events

The Mint 400 Las Vegas:

How to Spectate the Great American Desert Race The Mint 400, or as they like to call it, “The Great American Desert Race,” is one of the most popular desert races for American spectators to go out and watch.  It’s easy to see why: no international borders to cross, grandstands and safe viewing areas all…

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12v Refrigerators vs Coolers

The Coolest Showdown: Overland Fridges Vs. Coolers

If you’re planning on spending even a couple of days out on the trails, you’ve probably wondered about the food storage options that are available.  You’ve seen the ARB Fridges, but they’re pretty pricey. You’ve almost definitely used a regular old cooler, but how long do they really keep food cold, anyway? Today, we’re answering…

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Offroad Tips

The Pressure’s On: Choosing the Right Onboard Air for You

For any trail worth exploring, you’re going to want to air down your tires when you get to the dirt.  Most of us are driving to the trailheads though, so when the adventuring is over for the weekend, you’re going to need to air back up.  Thanks to years of experience in offroading and overlanding…

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Must Haves

Pack Up and Go! How to Carry All Your Gear on the Trail

When it’s time to head out for a weekend on the trails, there’s a lot of stuff required.  Sleeping stuff, camping stuff, get you out of that rut in the middle of the trail stuff. So how can you possibly carry all of that stuff?  It’s not that hard, but it does take some strategy…

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Progressive-Rate Coils Versus Linear-Rate Coil Springs

By Jerrod Jones When building your truck or Jeep, there are a variety of suspension options to choose from. One of them that is seldom overlooked is what type of coil spring you’re going to get. Coil springs (aka helical springs) can be manufactured different ways, affecting the way they perform. There are two basic…

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