Tuning Your Truck or 4×4 for Off-Road Life

By Jerrod Jones Setting up your 4×4 for off-road use can be lots of fun, but there can be a bit of a domino effect when you start modifying things. Adding a winch requires you buying (or building) a bumper to attach it to.Increasing axle size necessitates a new differential. And changing the amount of…

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Why Upgrade to Remote Reservoir Shocks

If you’ve got a 4WD vehicle then you can benefit from an upgrade to remote reservoir shocks. The improved performance is undeniable—even on the highway—and the benefit of superior ride quality outweighs the downsides of increased cost and additional maintenance. With hundreds of bolt-in applications it is easier than ever to add a remote reservoir…

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Prepare for the Worst

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst:

A Guide to the First Aid Gear and Safety Knowledge You’ll Want on the Trail   Outdoor adventures of any kind leave you susceptible to injury – it’s just something that comes with the territory.  Unfortunately, when you’re offroading, getting away from it all can also include “getting away from medical providers when you actually…

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Used 4x4

Best Things to Modify After Buying a Used 4×4

Written By: Jerrod Jones There are a lot of quality used rigs out there just waiting to be loved by someone who can appreciate their worth. Buying a used truck, Jeep, or other 4×4 is a great way to save a chunk of change for customizing your ride the way you want it to be!…

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Off Road Recovery

Recovery Basics: Recovery Ropes and Accessories

Wheeling on a beautiful day is a blast.  Heck, getting stuck can even be a blast…for a minute.  Before you’re stuck on the trail, here’s a rundown on the basics to get you back to adventuring safely.   Know what you need!     Before you hit the trails, know what you need in your…

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