Better Brakes for Bigger Tires

When you add larger tires, you can be guaranteed that your braking performance is going to be diminished. The inertia created by the increased mass of the tire, along with the larger diameter, requires more braking power to do the same amount of work. And so, you have a choice: You can ride around with…

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Choosing the Right Winch for Your 4×4

By Jerrod Jones A winch can be invaluable when off road. Not only does it allow you to make self recoveries, you can use it to save other 4x4s that need help. Depending on the conditions you ‘wheel in, your winch may see light-duty use or be put under intense strain. But no matter if…

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Tuning Your Truck or 4×4 for Off-Road Life

By Jerrod Jones Setting up your 4×4 for off-road use can be lots of fun, but there can be a bit of a domino effect when you start modifying things. Adding a winch requires you buying (or building) a bumper to attach it to.Increasing axle size necessitates a new differential. And changing the amount of…

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Why Upgrade to Remote Reservoir Shocks

If you’ve got a 4WD vehicle then you can benefit from an upgrade to remote reservoir shocks. The improved performance is undeniable—even on the highway—and the benefit of superior ride quality outweighs the downsides of increased cost and additional maintenance. With hundreds of bolt-in applications it is easier than ever to add a remote reservoir…

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Used 4x4

Best Things to Modify After Buying a Used 4×4

Written By: Jerrod Jones There are a lot of quality used rigs out there just waiting to be loved by someone who can appreciate their worth. Buying a used truck, Jeep, or other 4×4 is a great way to save a chunk of change for customizing your ride the way you want it to be!…

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Off Road Recovery

Recovery Basics: Recovery Ropes and Accessories

Wheeling on a beautiful day is a blast.  Heck, getting stuck can even be a blast…for a minute.  Before you’re stuck on the trail, here’s a rundown on the basics to get you back to adventuring safely.   Know what you need!     Before you hit the trails, know what you need in your…

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Off Road Events

Tierra Del Sol 50th Anniversary

Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012, as documented by  Thousands of off-road enthusiasts descended upon Southern California for the weekend of intense off-roading and fun.  The event was put on by the 4-Wheel Drive Club of San Diego and was a huge success.  “Even the new off-road park was…

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Off Road Reviews

Ford Explorer is Saudi Auto’s 4×4 of the Year

Albawaba announced that the new Ford Explorer has received the 4×4 of the year award from Saudi Auto, which is a leading Saudi Arabia car publication.  The contenders for the award were assessed by the “Saudi Auto jury panel based on five criteria – value, practicality, durability, off-road capability and technology.”  The 2012 Ford Explorer…

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