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Carli Recreation Suspension

Carli Recreational Suspension Kits are a significant upgrade from stock performance. If you enjoy the outdoors and want to be able to hit some rough logging roads with the proper suspension, these kits are perfect for you. Not only will you ensure you get to your remote destination, you'll enjoy the ride. If you think you'll be getting more adventurous and hitting some bogs and rock climbing, checkout the Carli Offroad Suspension kits.

The Carli Backcountry kits, Performance Kits, Pintop and Coilover are all all part of this series.
Again, if you're going too far off trail you'll want to upgrade to our Carli Off Road Suspension Kits instead.  Having the proper suspension in extreme conditions will be way more fun with less mechinical issues.  The last thing you want to do is get towed back to camp beause you pushed it too hard without the right off road lift kit.

Call us anytime if you want some help getting the right Carli suspension upgrades for your vehicle, we're happy to help and know these kits well. 1-855-463-3762.

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