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Dynatrac Free Spin Heavy-Duty Hub Conversion Ford Super Duty F-250/350 1999-2014

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With Dynatrac’s Free-Spin™ kit you can easily change out the problematic unit bearings for durable, reliable, inexpensive and easy to maintain fixed spindle wheel bearings. To many of us, our trucks are an investment. We use them for everything from driving to work to using them as a work tool. To prevent inconvenient downtime that could hurt your ability to get to work, get the job done or take the family for a much needed vacation you’ll want to protect your investment. The Dynatrac Free-Spin™ kit…it’s great investment advice.

  • Increases reliability
  • Lower cost of ownership- wheel bearings and seals are dramatically cheaper to maintain and can be easily serviced longer life, even under severe conditions
  • Dramatic increase is axle strength and reliability with induction-hardened alloy 35 spline 1.50” axle shafts
  • Simple bolt on installation- No machining or welding
  • Maintains stock brakes and ABS sensors

How do you use your truck? It might a recreational tow rig, an off-road explorer, an industrial workhorse, a daily driver or a combination of them all. No matter how you use your truck, the engineers at Dynatrac understand that the measure by which all parts are judged is strength and performance. From light duty to extreme use, your vehicle should be built for reliability and endurance under any conditions. All too often, the original equipment falls short. As an industry leader, Dynatrac has taken up the challenge of building the better truck.

  • Designed specifically to remove a ‘weak link’
    Dynatrac’s Free-Spin™ Heavy Duty Hub Conversion Kit is designed replace the factory unit bearings with fixed spindles for superior strength, and smooth performance.
  • What’s wrong with the unit bearings?
    Unitized bearing systems, also known as unit bearings, were designed to make vehicle assembly easier. When assembling a vehicle, the installer simply mounts the unit bearing up the steering knuckle with 4 bolts and the brakes are ready to install. This saves the OEM time and time IS money. Despite the added cost of the parts, the time saved can add up to additional profits for the manufacturer. But, as most have found, faster doesn’t always equal better.
  • Unit bearings are prone to failure
    Due to a very narrow bearing design and plastic bearing cages, unit bearing systems are much less durable than a fixed spindle design wheel bearing system and cannot be serviced or regreased. This is especially important on a truck that has larger than stock tires. Worse yet, replacing a unit bearing is very expensive. Buying original equipment parts is incredibly expensive and many users end up buying more cost effective, but still very expensive, units bearings made overseas. These units are usually much poorer quality than the OE product and long term durability may be questionable.
    When a unit bearing fails, the vehicle is often immediately disabled and cannot be driven anywhere until the unit bearing has been completely replaced. That means towing, downtime, expensive dealer repairs and could cause a ruined vacation or lost revenue for a work truck.
  • Replaces problematic factory Ford automatic hubs
    The factory Ford vacuum disconnect hubs are a well known trouble spot on the Super Duties. They frequently fail leaving you without 4 wheel drive when you need it. They also frequently fail to unlock. This leads to additional wear and tear on your front end and drive shaft and a decrease in fuel mileage.
  • Commercial trucks need to get the job done 24/7
    The Free-Spin™ hub conversion eliminates a weak link that could easily leave you stranded. For commercial truck owners and fleet managers, who rely on their rigs 24/7 to get the job done, the Free-Spin™ hub conversion ensures that your trucks are on the road making you money.

Why Dynatrac?
  • Dynatrac was first to design, engineer and build a Ford hub conversion kit to replace the factory unit bearings. The Dynatrac Free-Spin™ kit and has been a consistent, solid, performer since 2005
  • We have been continually upgrading our line with new applications and features to assure you of the best possible parts
  • Dynatrac components are forged, machined and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Dynatrac offers an exclusive one year unlimited mileage written warranty

Ford Free-Spin™ Heavy-Duty Hub Conversion Kit

  • 2 8 on 170mm Dynatrac wheel hubs (customer to re-use rotor)
  • 2 Dynatrac Heavy-duty spindle kits
  • 2 Dynatrac Heavy-duty induction-hardened alloy 35 spline 1.50” outer axle shafts
  • 1 Set- Warn Premium manual locking hubs (35 spline) (or optional Dynaloc Hubs)
  • 1 Kit- User serviceable wheel bearings, races and seals
  • 1 Pair-ABS tone rings and sensor mounts

NOTE: If you're unsure whether you have the fine or coarse studs, you just need to measure the size of the studs. If the stud measures 14mm x 1.5, then you have the fine studs, but if yours measure 14mm x 2.0, then you have the coarse studs.

Dynatrac Free Spin Heavy-Duty Hub Conversion Ford Super Duty F-250/350 1999-2014 is not vehicle specific.