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Factor 55 Shorty Strap II

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Tired of coming up with creative ways to connect to vehicles without ideal tow points? Tired of recovery and snatch straps stretching and breaking under too much force? Check out these amazing Shorty Straps from Factor 55! These straps offer a fantastic alternative and are made here in the USA.

From the designers and engineers that brought you the incredible ProLink comes another revolution in the recovery and towing industry. Factor 55 has been using their personal version of Shorty Straps for years and have since decided to offer this amazing variation of a snatch strap to the public. Designed to prevent stretch, the Shorty Straps are an ultra short, flat strap that can be used as a versatile short, soft link for vehicles and loads that lack an easy attach point. The amazingly low stretch polyester has a much higher breaking strength than the typical nylon straps used for this application.

The Shorty Straps are natively flat which makes them resistant to rolling. This feature is especially useful when attaching to cylindrical tow points, like bumper stringers, steering components, or nerf bars. Designed to be as sort as possible while still retaining functionality, the Shorty Straps are just 3ft long and only 1.5ft when used in a common basket configuration. The low stretch results in less energy storage which means if the strap does fail, you can expect a less explosive recoil.

Shorty Straps are available in both 2" and 3" widths and come clearly labeled with working load limits for 3 different configurations: straight, basket, and choker.

Factor 55 has paired with Certified Sling Corporation, the parent company of Bubba Rope Company, for manufacturing in the United States.

Working Load Limits:
  • 2" Shorty Strap
    • Straight Configuration: 5200 lbs
    • Choker Configuration: 4100 lbs
    • Basket Configuration: 10400 lbs

  • 3" Shorty Strap
    • Straight Configuration: 6300 lbs
    • Choker Configuration: 5000 lbs
    • Basket Configuration: 12600 lbs
  • Manufactured in the USA from low stretch Polyester webbing.
  • Overall length of 3 feet. Available in 2 and 3 inch widths
  • Weight : Shorty II – 1 lb, 1 oz. Shorty III – 1lb,8 oz.
  • Durable Cordura abrasion guard for reinforced eyes and webbing seams.
  • Working Load Limits clearly labeled for straight, basket and choker configurations

Factor 55 Shorty Strap II is not vehicle specific.