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HCR Kawasaki Teryx Gen 2 / T-4 Long Travel Suspension

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The T-4 Kit has been redesigned with the HCR elite Material, enabling kits to be 20% lighter than initial design. The HCR Elite Material is 30% stronger in yield and tensile strength than 4130 Series Chromoly. HCR took the indestructible to the next level. All kits are fiber laser cut and CNC bent for accuracy and precise fit and finish. All welds are hand TIG welded by seasoned craftsmen for strength and aesthetics.

RCV axles are now included with every Kawasaki T-4 kit. HCR teamed up withRCV performance through the release of the YXZ Long Travel Kit. HCR has been working closely with RCV to provide the strongest axle options on the market, boasting twice the strength of a Factory axles. RCV Custom HCR Axle bars will be included with every kit at no additional cost. RCV's Revolutionary axle shaft design provides the strength, smoothness, and reliability you need to power through the most demanding off road conditions.

OEM balljoints are reused to increase low speed steering and travel with minimal maintenance. 4130 Heat treated billet, balljoint receivers are used instead of tubing for added strength and multiple weld points, eliminating a potential weak point on the Arm. A J-arm mounting style of the lower shock allows for longer stroke shocks and more travel. This +5" kit adds 10 inches of track width and 2 inches of wheel base for better handling, stability and overall performance.

High clearance front arms now standard with every kit for 1.25 inches of additional ground clearance.

2.0 HCR Race series King are included with every HCR Teryx Kit. These shocks include King's wide range compression adjusters standard. Allowing up to 30% adjustment , these provide the ability to precisely adjust compression from super soft to super firm with the simple twist of a knob. The clearly marked knob offers 20 positive clicks of finely tuned adjustment. You can soften your ride when just cruising or firm up the compression when hammering rough terrain or carrying additional payload. You'll have the ultimate in performance regardless of your pursuit. Shocks are available in HCR series silver and black or traditional King Blue.

Start Rears with ~1/8"-1/4" preload so that springs are snug. Place front shocks at ~1/2" starting point. Preload is measured by overall, unweighted spring length. I.E. a 16" spring with 1/4" of preload will measure 15 3/4" in length. This is best set with shock assembly removed from the vehicle. Preload can also be measured and adjusted with shocks on vehicle if car is jacked up off the ground eliminating weight resistance on shocks. Increase in 1/4" increments as needed for ride height. If more than 1" of preload is required, a spring change may be needed. Please call the office at 435-865-9280 for assistance. Please start clickers at 5 clicks in from soft and increase by 5 clicks as needed. Do not open or close clickers 100% as they will cause hydraulic lockout. Preload and compression settings may vary die to ride preference or race car application. Finally, do not determine ride height or alignment until car has been driven and steering has been scrubbed. Vehicle will settle after shocks and suspension have been briefly cycled. Minor clearancing is required fir larger shock billets.

*30" tires will brush the frame lightly at full compression. A bed lift may also be preferred to eliminate 30" tire rub at full compression.

HCR Kawasaki Teryx Gen 2 / T-4 Long Travel Suspension fits the following vehicles:

  • 2012 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4
  • 2012 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4 LE
  • 2012 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4 LE SGE
  • 2012 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4 Sport
  • 2012 Kawasaki KRT750 Teryx4 4x4
  • 2012 Kawasaki KRT750 Teryx4 4x4 EPS
  • 2012 Kawasaki KRT750 Teryx4 4x4 EPS LE
  • 2012 Kawasaki KRT750 Teryx4 4x4 EPS LE Camo
  • 2013 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4
  • 2013 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4 LE
  • 2013 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4 LE Camo
  • 2013 Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx FI 4x4 Sport
  • 2013 Kawasaki KRT750 Teryx4 4x4 EPS
  • 2013 Kawasaki KRT750 Teryx4 4x4 EPS Camo
  • 2013 Kawasaki KRT750 Teryx4 4x4 EPS LE
  • 2014 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx
  • 2014 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx Camo
  • 2014 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx LE
  • 2014 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4
  • 2014 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 Camo
  • 2014 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 LE
  • 2015 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx
  • 2015 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx Camo
  • 2015 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx LE
  • 2015 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4
  • 2015 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 Camo
  • 2015 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 LE
  • 2016 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx
  • 2016 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx Camo
  • 2016 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx LE
  • 2016 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4
  • 2016 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 Camo
  • 2016 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 LE
  • 2017 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx
  • 2017 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx Camo
  • 2017 Kawasaki KRF800 Teryx LE
  • 2017 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4
  • 2017 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 Camo
  • 2017 Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 LE