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Innovative JK Products Mounting Bracket for ARB Twin Air Compressor CKMTA12

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This Jeep JK Mounting Bracket Kit has been specifically designed for mounting an ARB Twin Air Compressor in your Jeep JK Unlimited under the passenger seat away from all the elements, and out of harm’s way. Bracket mounts to the seat frame and does not interfere or limit any of the seat movement. Wiring harness supplied by ARB tucks neatly under molding and dash and then goes through a factory hole in the firewall to the engine compartment (for power connections) for a nice clean install.

The Mounting Bracket is laser cut and CNC bent aluminum to exact specifications and powder coated textured black for a clean finish. The bracket is secured to the fixed part of the seat frame (so it does not move with seat) and is easily accessible for making connections and cleaning filters.

The kit includes everything you need to connect the ARB harness to your Jeep JK. The instructions provide step-by-step details (including color photos) to install the bracket, compressor, and wiring (including Jeep JK specific connections). You will have to plumb the compressor in a manner that meets your requirements (not included).

What is included in the kit:
  • Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Step-by-Step Installation Instructions with Color Photos
  • Includes Jeep JK specific details for connecting wires from ARB harness
    • * ARB Air Compressor (CKMTA12) sold separately. See Related Products section below.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1) Why under the seat and not under the hood?
      It all comes down to personal preference, but here are the reasons why they opted to design a solution for under the seat - Dirt, Heat, and Space. The ARB compressor is built tough and tested, but still requires clean air and cooling. There are two air filters and a cooling fan on the compressor. The last thing I wanted to worry about every time I went to use the compressor was are the filters clogged with mud and dirt or is the cooling fan plugged with mud and dirt? Heat - I have seen a number of under hood compressors of various brands become over heated (especially on tires bigger than 35's) and shut down. Due in part to the heat generated from the engine. Compressors already run hot when running, why add to the problem? And finally space - space is already limited on JK's so why not use space that is out of the way and generally not used for anything. In the end, under the seat protects your investment from the elements and ensures a continuous supply of cooler, clean air.

      2) Does mounting the compressor interfere with the seat function or other safety features?
      No: Your seat will remain fully functional and none of the safety features are compromised.

      3) Does this kit include the plumbing / accessories for tire inflation?
      No: This kit is designed for the individual wants an innovative and clean mounting solution but wants to create / use their own system for tire inflation. See my other item for sale which is a complete solution.

      4) How long does it take to install?
      Installation time is approximately 3-4 hours. Passenger seat must be un-bolted, but not removed. Installation can be completed with seat leaned back for access to the underside. The majority of the install time is spent with the wiring provided by ARB to achieve a nice clean install.

Innovative JK Products Mounting Bracket for ARB Twin Air Compressor CKMTA12 is not vehicle specific.