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Knives, saws, and hatchets are a crucial accessory for any outdoorsman. We carry a wide variety of fixed-blade knives, tactical knives, folding knives, multi-tools, and saws from brands like Silky and Ultimate Survival Technologies. All the blades that we carry are used and tested by our team in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. We aren't easy on our blades, but that's the way we like it. We suspect that's the way you like it, too.

  1. There’s a simple pleasure in a good knife, and there’s something inherently elemental—the idea that knives for millennia have sustained and protected us. There is beauty, too, but there must also be a purpose. For any knife, even the finest custom blade, was born from flames to be put to task, maintained, and—above all—trusted like an old friend.

  2. For thousands of years, the axe has been the most essential of tools. With the help of the axe, mankind has fought battles, cleared land, and butchered game. For this reason, we take great pride in the axes that we sell. For us, an axe is more than a tool—it's a symbol of tradition and self-reliance. 

  3. A multi-Tool is a portable toolbox and a must-carry accessory in every outdoorsman’s supply kit. A multi-tool is the perfect companion for camping, off-roading, and other outdoor activities.