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Camp Stoves

Having a high-quality camp stove makes a big difference out in the wild. When you get back to camp after a long day you'll want a dependable, easy to use cooking setup that's easy to use and cleanup. We hand-picked these camp stoves and accessories for our catalog because these are tools we use. These are the stoves we have tested and recommend.

Many of the stove in our catalog we use regularly on our own off-road adventures here in the Inland Northwest. Make sure to check out the Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill, it's super fast to setup and easy clean up. Gourmet stir fry in the outdoors, yes please!

  1. We really enjoy the Tembo Tusk Camping Wok which is formally known as a Skottle Grill. These handy and simple primitive stoves are easy to setup and easy to clean. We love making gourmet food on our adventures and the Skottle makes it easy. Precut your veggies and meat and toss em in with some garlic and chiles and you'll "Benihana" of the woods!

  2. The solo stove campfires which are a simple heat source for cooking and warming up in the wilderness. These stoves burn really efficiently and cooks for 4 people. They are wood burning
  3. Olicamp Stoves and outdoor cookware feature smart useful designs specifically for off road adventures and the outdoor enthusiast. Their Vector Stove and Electron Stove designs allow for quick heating of liquids like soups and coffee fast. They are compact, smart designs a true outdoorsman will appreciate.