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Nitro Ring and Pinion Complete Package 11-16 GM Duramax C

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In the past, when it was time to upgrade the gearing in your axles, you would have to get a multitude of different parts, sometimes from different suppliers to get the job done.  Obviously, you need the ring and pinions, but then you needed bearings, seals, shims, gear bolts, and the list goes on.  NO LONGER!  Nitro Gear has simplified this process with their complete packages that includes everything you need (besides oil and a pair of hands) to upgrade the ring and pinions in your front and rear differentials.

Nitro Gear Ring and Pinion Packages

2011-2016 GM 2500HD / 3500 Duramax
AAM 11.5" and 11.8" Rear Axle Assembly

Tracking down all of the pieces for a ring and pinion upgrade can be a chore, but not anymore!  This complete package from Nitro Gear includes the front AND rear gears, as well as a complete Master Installation Kit for both differentials.  All you need to do is decide what gear ratio you want to run!

Please select your desired gear ratio from the menu below, as well as your factory ring gear size.  Until model year 2013, AAM utilized an 11.5" ring gear, but then making a mid-model year change to the 11.8" assembly.  Nitro utilizes the same size gears throughout, but you will need a different gear package depending on how your truck was equipped from the factory.  For reference, the 4.30 ratio will utilize the updated 11.8" ring gear, where all other ratios will use the original 11.5".

Nitro Ring and Pinion Complete Package 11-16 GM Duramax C is not vehicle specific.