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Offroad Power Products Ambassadors

Ben Palmer

I grew up in Portland Oregon, my grandparents used to have a 1971 International harvester travelall and we would go camping every summer to Central Oregon with our car top boat and our little 21-foot Shasta trailer. I spent my entire childhood in the back of that travelall and loved it so much.

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Dan Staton

Dan Staton is the founder of ElkShape - a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to leveraging the gift of elk hunting to foster continued personal development. Dan would say he's an ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion for hunting public land elk. His priorities are (1) Faith (2) Family (3) Fitness (4) Fiscal Fitness (5) Elk Hunting - which is why he believes that in order to hunt your best you must have a clear picture of your priorities.

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Grafton Pannell

Grafton Pannell is a professional bike mechanic and photographer by trade, while also being a #raddad and Toyota addict. Grafton likes to spend his free time in the dirt whether by 2 wheels or in a 4wd. During the work week you can find Grafton working in the back of his Velofix van wrenching on bikes, but on the weekends can find him and his family camping on rivers and lakes or skiing depending on the season.

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Tommy Belknap

Tommy Belknap has been guiding Salmon in Alaska since a few days after High School. A decade and a half later he has perfected the Alaskan Experience. Spending part of the year in Alaska, and the rest in Eastern Washington, he gets to live the dream of spending most of his life on the water chasing fish.

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