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Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack - Kratos

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Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack – Kratos 

Having a high-quality jack on hand is a must for any serious off-road driver. Lifted off-road trucks, Jeeps, and other vehicles require some extra power to get them off the ground, and the Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel jack offers just that. The Kratos was designed to perform flawlessly in rough terrain, so there’s no need for drivers to worry about getting stuck out in the bush, miles from anywhere, without the ability to change a tire.

What Is an Off-Road Jack? 

Off-road jacks, sometimes referred to as hi-lift jacks, are designed with the needs of modified vehicles in mind. These heavy-duty jacks are durable, easy to use, have greater weight capacities, and can lift vehicles higher off the ground than traditional jacks. They’re also easier to use on rough terrain.

Why Is an Off-Road Jack Necessary? 

Off-road vehicles are often modified to provide better performance and a more comfortable ride on seriously bumpy terrain. They feature suspension lifts, body lifts, and larger wheels, all of which are essential for drivers who want to take on rocks, mud, and sand without batting an eyelid. Unfortunately, these upgrades can also make it more difficult to deal with issues like blown tires.

Off-road jacks are designed specifically with modified vehicles in mind. They lift vehicles higher off the ground, making it easy to remove and replace flat tires even if they’re larger than normal or the vehicle is lifted several inches higher than a factory-standard truck.

What to Look for When Buying an Off-Road Jack

Off-road jacks cost more than traditional models, so drivers should do their research before they decide which one to buy. There are several types of off-road jacks, but before going into that, let’s take a look at what all high-quality jacks have in common.

Greater Height

Off-road vehicles typically have higher clearance and larger tires than factory-standard trucks. That’s great for drivers who want to take on serious obstacles, but it can make changing tires more difficult. A good off-road jack will have the capacity to lift even extreme high clearance vehicles.

Sufficient Weight Capacity

Off-road vehicles are usually much heavier than factory-standard trucks, so it takes some extra power to get them lifted off the ground safely. Look for a jack that can lift not just the vehicle, but any weight it might be carrying. That means an off-road adventurer whose truck weighs two tons completely empty may want to buy a three-ton jack if he or she plans on heading out camping or carrying hunting gear. No one wants to unload the entire vehicle every time he or she gets a flat.

Sturdy Skid Plates

Most flat tires don’t happen on the pavement. Without a sturdy skid plate, the jack would sink into sand or mud, which would make them all but useless to serious off-road enthusiasts. Look for a full-length steel plate to avoid sinking on sand and mud. A great off-road jack will also have sealed ball-bearings to ensure consistent operation in sandy conditions that would otherwise damage internal components.

Convenient Mounting Capacity

Drivers should purchase a jack mount to keep their jacks and handles secure while in transit. To do this, they’ll need to purchase a jack that can be mounted easily to the vehicle and locked in place. Pro Eagle makes jack mounts, hitch balls, and other accessories that make it easy to secure their jacks in place so they’ll always be accessible when needed.

Types of Off-Road Jacks

Just like there are multiple types of traditional jacks, off-road jacks also come in a few shapes and sizes. These include floor jacks, bottle jacks, inflatable jacks, and hi-lift jacks.

Floor Jacks

Traditional floor jacks aren’t the best choice for off-road drivers. Some models feature wheels and can theoretically be used in sand, mud, or snow, but they’re hard to use and hard to move around. Products like the Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack use the same principles as traditional floor jacks, but they’re designed to withstand off-road conditions, lift heavy and oversized vehicles, and perform much better than traditional floor jacks in sand, mud, and snow.

Bottle Jacks

Bottle jacks use hydraulic systems to lift heavy vehicles. Off-road models feature wide skid plates, wheels for easier maneuverability, and heavy-duty construction to withstand inclement weather and rough road conditions. Adventurous drivers should only rely on bottle jacks specifically designed for off-road use.

Inflatable Jacks

Inflatable jacks work well on cambered surfaces, but they are easily punctured and unable to withstand hot temperatures. Given that there are a lot of rocks out there on most off-road trails, these drawbacks can be seriously problematic. While it’s fine to throw an inflatable jack in the back of the truck for emergencies, drivers shouldn’t rely on them exclusively and should also purchase a more effective, less failure-prone jack.

Hi-Lift Jacks

Contrary to popular wisdom, hi-lift jacks aren’t designed for vehicle maintenance. They’re good for finding leverage on sand, mud, gravel, and snow thanks to their wide, flat bases, but they don’t have the lift capacity or stability to hold a vehicle in place while drivers change tires. Hi-lift jacks have their uses, but they can’t be relied upon for emergency maintenance.

The Best Type of Off-Road Jack

Cautious drivers may want to keep multiple jacks on hand. A high-quality off-road floor jack like the Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack from Kratos will provide all the lifting power drivers need to change tires and perform other basic maintenance even when they find themselves, and their vehicles, in sticky situations. It may still be helpful to have a lightweight off-road inflatable jack on hand, as well.

The Bottom Line

When buying an off-road jack, don’t be put off by the price tag. The cost of purchasing a high-quality jack is much less than that associated with calling a specialty tow truck out to the middle of nowhere. Ask any serious off-road adventurer to confirm this. He or she will be sure to have at least one story about a day out on the trails that could have gone much worse without a high-quality jack.

Kratos was designed from the ground up to stand out from the rest and perform flawlessly wherever needed. 

Based on a new 3 Ton chassis, this heavy duty jack has solid axles and large non pneumatic wheels to give it lift. No longer will you have to worry about dragging your jack through the sand or not being able to run over a zip tie or pebble in the garage. We worked hard to create the ultimate Off Road Jack that would hold up to the toughest off road racing conditions.


  • A full length steel skid plate to prevent sinking on sand and damage to internal components.
  • 8" adjustable extension w/rubber grip pad to lift high clearance off road vehicles. (Optional 13” extension for extreme vehicles. )
  • High capacity, non pneumatic, composite wheels for durable, high capacity lifting.
  • Sealed ball bearings for smooth rolling and operation in dusty/sandy conditions.
  • 2 Year warranty 


  • 2 feet 4 inches of lift height
  • High capacity, non pneumatic, composite wheels
  • Sealed ball bearings on all 4 wheels
  • Solid steel axles
  • All aluminum construction
  • 60lbs

Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack - Kratos is not vehicle specific.

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