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ReadyLift 1.25 Inch Leveling Kit - 2021-2022 Ford Bronco

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ReadyLIFT is excited to announce the first of many premium suspension lift products for the all-new Ford Bronco! The new Bronco is the most popular multi-purpose vehicle introduced in over a decade and ReadyLIFT has been busy developing exciting new suspension systems that improve the overall look and ride quality of the Bronco.

66-21100 – New Ford Bronco 1.25” front leveling kit. Our dedicated engineers have produced the perfect bolt-on leveling kit for the Bronco that works with or without the factory Sasquatch package lift kit. This new leveling kit consists of two CNC-machined aircraft-grade billet Aluminum top mount strut extensions and two lower strut extensions to achieve the perfect 1.25” of front lift for a nice level stance that adds some muscle to the Bronco’s appearance.

The leveling kit spacers in the 66-21100 1.25” leveling kit are designed to achieve maximum height without creating ball joint or tie rod bind when the suspension is cycling through the entire range of travel. This exciting new Ford Bronco leveling kit increases ground clearance, creates a more aggressive appearance stance, and allows the new Bronco owner to upgrade to a larger wheel and tire package. Recommended tire sizes include 315/70R-17 for Bronco’s with the Sasquatch package and 285/70R-17 tires for all non-Sasquatch package Broncos. The maximum tire with trimming is a 35x12.50 on a 9” wide wheel with +18 offset. Depending on trim and package, the maximum size may vary.

Your trust in ReadyLIFT to provide high-quality, precision-engineered products is extremely important to us. You can be assured that these all-new Ford Bronco products are dialed-in perfectly for this all-new platform.

Key Features:

  • Aircraft-grade CNC-machined billet Aluminum construction
  • Bolt-on installation – no modifications or cutting required.
  • Achieves maximum lift height without creating tie rod or ball joint bind during suspension cycling.
  • Increases ground clearance.
  • Allows for 315/70R-17 for Bronco’s with the Sasquatch package.
  • Allows for 285/70R-17 tires for all non-Sasquatch package.
  • Can allow for up to 35x12.50 on a 9” wide wheel with +18 offset with trimming/clearance modifications.

Kit Components:

  • 2 front strut top spacers
  • 2 front strut bottom spacers
  • Hardware Pack

Estimated Installation Time: 2.5 Hours +/- 0.5 hours (excluding alignment and wheel/tire assembly)

Tire Fitment:
315/70R with stock 17" (Sasquatch Package)

285/70 with stock 17" (Non Sasquatch)

(MAX WITH TRIMMING) - Tire: 35" x 12.5" Wheel: 9" wide +18 offset

When lifting a vehicle and installing aftermarket wheels and tires, a tire manufacturer's construction and material quality can alter vehicle ride quality. When increasing a vehicle wheel and tire size, most larger aftermarket truck and SUV tires are 8-ply (or more) E tires compared to typical OEM 6-ply C tires. This more rigid sidewall construction increases the perception of suspension stiffness often described as ride harshness. The ride, handling, traction, noise, fuel economy, and wear differences between All-Season, All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, or Trail-Terrain type tires can be significant. Please take into account tire and wheel choice will generally have a meaningful impact on the ride & handling experience.

ReadyLift 1.25 Inch Leveling Kit - 2021-2022 Ford Bronco fits the following vehicles:

  • 2021 Ford Bronco