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Tembo Tusk 18" Skottle Grill Kit - Adjustable Leg Portable Grill Camping Wok

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This is the new, complete 18” TemboTusk Adjustable Leg Skottle Grill Kit from Tembo Tusk. This overland stove kit has some key features that add up to a noticeable improvement over the original skottle grill. The Tembotusk Skottle is made of high-quality cast iron and proudly Made in the USA.

Skottle Grill's are popular for Overlanding and camping applications because of their versatility and quick cleanup. It makes it easy to cook fresh items like stir fry instead of being stuck with dogs and burgers...again.

Recent improvements to the Skottle Grill Design

Although the cooking pan has not changed. The new Tembotusk skottle grill design just features adjustable legs to adjust the cooking height. Not only will the Skottle legs collapse down to 20 inches making them easier to carry and store, but they are also able to be adjusted for uneven ground. For even ground cooking - each leg also will have a hard stop at 29 inches and 36 inches.

The second area of improvement, and arguably our favorite, is the stove burner itself. This skottle now has an upgraded burner. The new design now includes the Kovea Scout burner which is an outstanding quality single burner stove manufactured in South Korea. The Kovea stove has excellent low and high flame control with push-button ignition . Further, the new stove burner has enough power to handle windy weather. The stove can be used with two fuel sources. Butane, or propane with the Included adapter to run the common, simple to find 1lb green propane bottles.

Skottle Grill Carry Bag Included

Lastly, the carry bag has also been improved. The bag will now feature straps on the outside of the bag to slide the shorter leg bag into - you can now carry and store the Skottle Grill in one package.

The grill is fabricated in the USA and comes pre-seasoned so it can be used immediately.

Skottle Grill cast iron clean up

Kitchen cleanup is quick and easy. After preparing your meal, let the skottle cool down a bit off the burner and simply wipe it out. Cooking at very high temperatures can produce some stuck on food situations. In this case just add some water and heat your skottle grill up to loosen the food up and easily remove it from the skottle pan.

What's in the box

  • (1) 18” Skottle Grill
  • (3) Adjustable Legs
  • (1) 10,000 BTU Kovea Scout Burner
  • (1) Skottle Carry Bag
  • (1) Adjustable Leg Bag
  • (1) Adapter to run 1lb green propane bottles

*Fuel source is not included so make sure to pickup a can of Butane of Propane before your next adventure.

Our favorite piece of Overlanding cooking gear

We highly recommend getting some of the available accessories to get the most out of your Skottle but most of all the Tembo Tusk lid. 

We carry a variety of Skottle Grill accessories on our website and our staff know and use Tembo Tusk products often. Feel free to shoot us a call for help selecting the right extras for your Skottle, we are happy to help! 1-855-463-3762

Overland Skottle Grill Cooking Demonstration Videos below

Kyle and the rest of our team love overland cooking and we added these videos to show you how we're using this overland product out in the wild!

Tembo Tusk 18" Skottle Grill Kit - Adjustable Leg Portable Grill Camping Wok is not vehicle specific.

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