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The Ultimate Winter Recovery Kit

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Its cold outside, snow is falling, and the roads are slick. Sure, you've got big mud terrain tires and plenty of power to get yourself out of the ditch if you ever found yourself there. But what happens if you come across someone else slammed into a snow bank on a desolate road, do you have the necessary gear to recover them and save the day? Or are you going to just leave them stranded?

We've put together The Ultimate Winter Recovery Kit that includes all of the essentials and nothing more all in a handy, nearly indestructible bag for easy storage in your toolbox or under the seat.  This kit features products tailored at safe recovery, meaning you won't find any heavy, failure prone chains or metal d-rings that can not only break under severe load, but cause shock load damage as the vehicle is extracted.


  • (1) ARB 16ft. Recovery Strap
  • (1) ARB Small Recovery Bag
  • (2) Bubba Rope Gator Jaw Synthetic Shackle
  • (1) Pair of CLC Work Gear Super Therm Latex Dip Gripper Gloves


  • This 16' recovery strap from ARB is technically their Tree Protector Strap, but also works ideally as a recovery strap for wintertime recover.  Featuring closed loops on each end and webbed construction, you can rest assured you will not break this strap, in comparison to chains, and it works perfectly in unison with the Soft Jaw Shackles included in this kit for seamless recoveries.


  • Strong, simple, and lightweight are the best ways to describe the Small Recovery Bag from ARB.  This sturdy bag fits all of the supplied equipment in The Ultimate Winter Recovery Bag, yet small enough to easily fit under the seat or in a tool box.  Further, due to its bright orange construction, it makes for a great cautionary flag to warn oncoming vehicles of your presence.


  • Gator-Jaw synthetic shackles are made from Plasma rope which is the highest strength synthetic rope available. These superior tow rope connectors are stronger than comparable steel shackles. Gator-Jaw shackles won

The Ultimate Winter Recovery Kit is not vehicle specific.