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Ultimate Adventure 2019

What is Ultimate Adventure?

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s Ultimate Adventure (UA). What is Ultimate Adventure you ask? In short, it’s a trip of a lifetime for a few off-road companies and several lucky readers of the magazine who are hand-picked by the editorial staff based upon their vehicle spec and off-road prowess. They set out on a weeklong journey of intense off-roading, long roads, camping, and adventurous group activities. Basically, you eat, sleep and breathe the off-road lifestyle for seven days. If you haven't had the chance to check out any of our past UA videos on our YouTube Channel here is a little bit of how UA works.

If you are one of the lucky readers selected to attend this epic quest, there are things you need to know. Each vehicle must meet all vehicle requirements. Some of which are: Front and rear lockers, 35-inch tires or larger, 250-mile gas range, winch, roll bar, fire extinguisher, spill kit, full-size spare, and much more. As soon as you arrive at check in they will go through all of the requirements to make sure your vehicle is good to go.

One of the exciting things about UA is that you have no idea where you are going! Prior to the trip’s departure, you are only given the start location, which is basically just some city, somewhere in North America, and you have until a specific date and time to show up and check in before the adventure begins. You never know what you are doing or where you are going until you get there. Typically, you have a wheeling day followed by a road day then back to a wheeling day, but you never know. If you break down, plan on pulling out your tools and fixing it on the trail. Although there is a great comradery between all participants you are responsible for fixing your own rig, getting it back on the trail, and catching up to the group. 

Another awesome element to UA is the camping. Once everyone has their camp set up and dinner made you can find most of the group around the campfire making memories and sharing old ones. Because each day is so action-packed there isn't much time to "hang out" with everyone so the campfire becomes very lively at night. 

Why do we attend Ultimate Adventure? It’s simple. What good would we be to you if we weren't out testing the products we sell? Ultimate Adventure is the perfect platform to test the wide range of products we offer. Everyone here at Offroad Power Products is an outdoor enthusiast and passionate about this lifestyle. All the parts and gear you see on our website are either on our personal vehicles or in our camping gear set. Having a reliable vehicle and the proper gear for whatever element you are in is crucial to the enjoyment of your adventure. We are here to help you and guide you through what does and doesn't work. 

No matter how “ultimate” your adventure is, we are here to make sure you enjoy it! We have the knowledge, experience, and products to help you get there, play there, and stay there.  

Our Ultimate Adventure 2019 Vehicle

This year we are taking a past vehicle build, a 2011 Jeep JK Wrangler, and transforming it into an “ultimate adventure” rig. This is not your typically JK. We stretched the frame 10 inches, dropped in a R2.8 Cummins, and paired that up with an EcoDiesel 8hp70 transmission. Aside from the reliability and low-end torque one of the coolest things about this combination is the fact that we’re seeing 21 miles per gallon on 40-inch tires.

Like all our builds we knew this Jeep was going to be wheeled hard. The last thing we want to worry about is breaking down on the trail which is why we went with a set of axles we know are reliable and strong. And because we now have the torque of the Diesel paired with 40-inch tires we decided to install a Dynatract ProRock 60XD up front and a ProRock 80 in the rear.

There are a lot of parts that went into building this ultimate wheeler, but we also need the ultimate overland vehicle to provide us modern conveniences while in the middle of nowhere. We added a Front Runner roof rack and useful accessories. A Tepui roof top tent was added for comfortable sleeping. We ditched the cooler and installed a Dometic Fridge/Freezer and added some other items to make the camping aspect a little more enjoyable.

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Here is a list of products and gear we installed on our rig:

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