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Brakes are one of the most neglected modifications on 4x4 vehicles, yet they are one of the most important. Adding lift kits, larger tires, bumpers, and body armor can add tons (literally) of weight to your 4x4. All that extra weight requires more braking force—far more than your factory brakes were designed for. One of the best things you can do for yourself, your loved ones, and those driving around you is to improve your braking setup. Stay safe with our selection of brake pads, caliper kits, and replacement braking systems.

  1. 4x4 brake pads provide excellent cold stopping power for maximum initial speed scrub, longer pad life, and reduced noise and dust.

  2. StopTech rotors will deliver superior, reliable braking for your truck, even under hard driving and severe duty conditions.

  3. Get a substantial upgrade in braking performance with the best brake kit available for your truck or off-road vehicle.

  4. Our brake lines and accessories provide more length for clean suspension travel and firm brake pedal feel to securely apply pressure to the brake calipers.