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Off Road Lights

Off Road Lighting for your 4x4 Truck or Jeep, light up your next adventure! Keep you and your crew safe with a high performance led light bar or off-road headlight upgrade.

What are the best off road lights?

The better question is...what's your application and budget. Many of us remember the old school trucks with KC lights mounted on a bar above the cab. These days there are way more options for off road lights including different beam patterns, light bars and individual single-mount off road road lights.

Different climates and different needs require different types of truck lights.

Off Road Light Bars vs Spotlights

Spotlights are the more traditional looking off road lights. An advantage of off road spotlights is increased distance.

If you're looking to move at high speed or just require longer distance of visibility a high quality led spotlight will deliver. You can also change the spot beam pattern with some models and get protectors to enhance the look and durability of the light. The spot beams will cut through fog bettern than an led light bar. Disadvantages of spotlights are the mounting options. There are only two main spots to easily mount off road spotlights, the roll bar or the bumper area. There are exceptions but these are the typical locations.

Off road led light bars have become increasingly popular over the last decade. They are many more mounting options compared to off road spot lights. They come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes for an unlimited amount of mounting options on your vehicle. Led light bars are super versatile and often have multiple bulb patterns. For example, you can have the best of both worlds with clear lenses on the center of the bar and on the edges use diffusing lenses to act as flood beams.

Led light bars are versatile but they do lack in range. Keep this in mind if you a specific need in mind like cutting through fog or needing extended visibility.

led off road lights

Who makes the brightest off road lights?

Sure, brand is important and we only stock the best brands of off road lights, period, the brands we personally use on our rigs. Next to brand, the thing to consider is configuration. The most popular off road lights are combination lighting setups.

If you want an extreme performance setup, mount a couple of spotlights near the grill, nudge guard or bumper and then add a light bar and maybe a couple more spots on the roll bar to cut through night fog deep in the forest. This type of setup is versatile and powerful when you need it.

Having a variety of lights on your vehicle allows you to use some or all depending on how much visibility you need for roadway or off road use.

led off road lights Baja Designs

Are led off road lights street legal?

It's legal to mount led light bars and spotlights on your off road vehicle. As for driving on public roadways it comes down to common sense. The laws regarding off road lighting in general are to protect other drivers from getting blinded by your light bar or spot light array.

If you are installing an led lightbar, most states are not going to require you cover it on public roads but local state laws do vary so check if you're concerned. Mainly just don't blast your led light bar when there is oncoming traffic and be respectful of other drivers on the roadway.

Specifically, there are laws governing the use based on the number of lights you're mounting. If you're mounting a couple of lights down by the bumper and grill you're likely just fine. However, if you have a large array of 8 spotlights on your roll bar you may need to cover some or all of them up while traveling on the roadway to be compliant with your state's laws.

California is one of the states with restrictions relating to covering off road light arrays during roadway travel.

We carry an extensive selection of the best led off road lights for trucks, HID, and halogen off-road lights. These are all hand selected by our staff and many of us use these lights on our own rigs.

Not sure what lights you need for your truck? Give us a call, we can help. We know off road lighting. Stay safe and let us help you find the perfect off road led lights for your rig.

  1. We carry LED lights for trucks, ATV's and UTV's. Upgrade your lighting system before your next adventure with some off-road truck LED lights from Baja Designs or Rigid Industries. Blaze down mountain roads and into the deep forest with dependable led truck lights and lighting systems. Not sure how to choose lights for your truck? Give us a call anytime and we'll get you outfitted. 

  2. LED Light Pods provide a longer narrower beam for illumination further down the trail or road. These offroad led light pods are perfect for your next adventure!

  3. High performance offroad headlights provide widespread visibility with a powerful punch of light down the road.

  4. Off road LED tail lights add safety and functionality to any UTV, rail, buggy, Jeep, or other off-road application by packing reverse, courtesy, strobe, running, and brake lights into a single compact package.

  5. Our light bar wiring harness takes all the guess work out of installation and is incredibly high quality suited for race use! Put your dust and strobe modes to use!

  6. Offroad switch panels can be programmed to be: On/Off or Momentary, ignition or battery powered, flash, strobe, low voltage disconnect, and memorize previous settings.

  7. Led Light Bar Mounts will make installation a breeze with minimal to no drilling required.