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Off Road Wheels

Nothing personalizes a truck or 4x4 more than a custom set of offroad wheels. Upgrade to aftermarket high performance off road wheels that compliment your ride and also improve the performance of your truck.

For top performance, an understanding of tire placement details such as wheel offset, backspacing, wheel diameter, and sidewall height is essential. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what wheel and tire packages work best for your rig. We know offroad!

  1. Personalize your 4x4 or truck with a set of custom offroad wheels and tires. You'll improve your ride's durability while transforming the aesthetics of your vehicle. Call us anytime for help selecting the best off road wheels for your 4x4 truck. We know offroad!

  2. Hubcentric wheel spacers increase strength and let you get a quick fitment with large offroad tires. They can be used with factory or aftermarket wheels. 

  3. Better fuel economy, less wear and tear, strength is what you'll get from installing a Hub Conversion Kit. Our Free-Spin kits will let you change out problematic unit bearings for durable and easy to maintain fixed spindle wheel bearings. 

  4. Offroad wheel accessories give you extra protection and durability.  DIY Beadlocks and wheel reinforcments are some of the accessories we offer.