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2011 Jeep Wrangler JK

This is not your typical JK. We stretched the frame 10 inches, dropped in a R2.8 Cummins, and paired that up with an EcoDiesel 8hp70 transmission. Aside from the reliability and low-end torque one of the coolest things about this combination is the fact that we’re seeing 21 miles per gallon on 40-inch tires.

Like all our builds we knew this Jeep was going to be wheeled hard. The last thing we want to worry about is breaking down on the trail which is why we went with a set of axles we know are reliable and strong. And because we now have the torque of the Diesel paired with 40-inch tires we decided to install a Dynatract ProRock 60XD up front and a ProRock 80 in the rear.

There are a lot of parts that went into building this ultimate wheeler, but we also need the ultimate overland vehicle to provide us modern conveniences while in the middle of nowhere. We added a Front Runner roof rack and useful accessories. A Tepui roof top tent was added for comfortable sleeping. We ditched the cooler and installed a Dometic Fridge/Freezer and added some other items to make the camping aspect a little more enjoyable. A complete parts list is below.